Navigare Necesse Est! Hop on-board – Welcome to the blog Navigare necesse est, a blog about sailing and food & drink on-board. It is about cruising among all the islands of the Baltic sea and the archipelago of Stockholm especially. The archipelago around Stockholm has over 20.000 islands and islets and it is very dear to me and it is among these I have my home harbor. About me: I, Tyra the author of this blog live on a rather small island near the town Vaxholm. I have the Coastal Skipper Certificate and this Coastal Skipper Certificate is the second level of the official Swedish nautical training courses for recreational boat drivers. I love night navigation and has an in-depth knowledge of both day and night navigation, 'close to shore' as well as offshore. The Coastal Skipper Certificate is compulsory for the sailing of boats larger than 12 x 4 meters. Our boat is not that big at all but you never know one day perhaps I really need it. Although I'm sometimes the Captain of the boat and enjoys it I think I am more than willingly to spend a lot of time down in the galley. I just love to cook and bake on-board and I'm lucky I don’t get seasick below deck as many people unfortunately do, the only problem when cooking on-board is when it is leaning too much to one side and if we are going on the wrong tack. View my profile.



This post 'Munkö i Stockholms Södra Skärgård' was originally uploaded by Tyra Hallsénius-Lindhe in the blog Navigare Necesse Est



Den första lite längre seglingen i år blev till Munkö som ligger i Stockholms södra skärgård. Denna fantastiska ö som är ett naturreservat. Vi brukar åka hit ett par gånger varje år för att njuta av dess skönhet. Sagolikt vacker flora och bergsformationer som får en att fullkomligt häpna.

Här blir det en bildkavalkad med bilder från vårt besök.

Rönnoxel Sorbus hybrida L.
även kallad Finnoxel vid strandkanten på Munkö

Här växer en söt Näva mitt på berget.

Hubbe sitter och funderar, antagligen på morgondagens segling...

Nävan - visst är den söt?

Så blev det lite grillat till kvällen

Och det fanns de som badade, 13 grader var det i vattnet.
 Det är vad jag kallar en riktig viking.

Den finns som sagt väldigt mycket vackra stenformationer på Munkö, men också många vackra stenar. Varje gång vi är där lägger vi upp tre stenar så här. En gång fick jag ett mail från en som hade varit där och han skrev - Stenarna ligger kvar!

Vild Kaprifol hittade inne i skogen. Munkö är ett naturreservat så kom ihåg om du åker dit
 - Titta men inte röra!

Jaha, där sitter han och tänker igen...

Närbild på Rönnoxels vackra blomma.

Här har vi lilla badpojken igen. Jag måste säga att han gillar bättre att bada än att gå i skogen.
" Det var lite läskigt."

 Vi satt ute till sena natten, det var alldeles vindstilla.
 vilken fantastisk kväll

Skepp o'hoj


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The Partial Solar Eclipse - 4th of January

This post 'The Partial Solar Eclipse  - 4th of January' was originally uploaded by Tyra Hallsénius Lindhe in the blog Navigare Necesse Est!

This morning we had a Partial Solar Eclipse.

It was stunning to see, behind 3 pairs of sunglasses we stod looking out over the sea enjoying a spectacular sight. I played a little with the photoes and made this mosaic. The middle picture is an old oil painting - "Astronomers Studying an Eclipse,"  1571 painting by Antoine Caron.


Kalmarsund - The Strait of Kalmar

This post Kalmarsund -The Strait of Kalmar was originally uploaded by Tyra Hallsénius-Lindhe in the blog Navigare necesse est!


During the "middle watch", three o'clock in the morning, it is the 28th of July. The moon is up and the sun is on its way, just a small breeze and we are sailing towards Bormholm.

In Swedish we call this watch between 00.00-04.00 the "Dog Watch" Hundvakten (it is not the same as the english dog watches 16.00-20.00)  It can be really hard to stay awake if it isn't a lot to do. This particular morning it was stunningly beautiful and it was very calm so we had the computer on deck and listened to Spotify and had a great time.

FOOD On-board

When I'm at sea it is very important for me to take some of my gardens goodies with me, flowers, berries, fruit and veggies. Oh.. and the most important all the different herbs. It is much more fun to cook with ingrediences from the garden. One of my favourite tomatoes is the beautiful heirloom Goldsman's American/Italian tomato. This time it ended up in a delicious pie in good company with peppers, feta cheese and olives.

This weeks theme on Blooming Friday is Horizon


Take a Peek into My On-Board Garden

This post Take a peek into my on-board garden has originally uploaded by Tyra in the blog Navigare necesse est the suns beams reached into my lush garden...

Don't laugh...

I know it doesn't look like much, but I can assure you it means a lot when you are out cruising.One little orchid for the eyes and two plants of basil 'Genovese' and 'Morton's basil for the kitchen.

We all survived the journey and the two Ocimum basilicum came into our home-port well trimmed.


Ps note the label - Food on board:-)


Who Can Sail Without the Wind

Who can sail without the wind - A folklore song that I grow up with, a sad and pretty melody.
Some say that it is a German song and others that it is from Åland, I don't know what is true. Perhaps anyone out there knows better.

Who can sail without the wind,

Who can row without an oar,

Who can leave behind a friend,

Without just one tear to pour?

I can sail without the wind,

I can row without an oar,

But I cannot leave a friend,

Without just one tear to pour

The Real Group sings the song in Swedish , this vocal group sings it 'a capella'

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Bornholm - Denmark

This post was originally uploaded by Tyra in the blog Navigare necesse est!

The cruise from Hanö in Sweden to Bornholm went without any difficulties, it was actually great sailing. The wind was perfect and the sea was not too rough. The sun came out and we all got a great day at sea.

This is the harbor of the little town of Gudhjem our first stop. We stopped the boat in the middle of the sea for a swim and to tidy ourself up. Fresh as lillies we arrived to Gudhjem.

Gudhjem is a very picturesque town on the northeast coast of Bornholm. Well worth a visit!


Denmark is famous for their open sandwiches so called Smørrebrød and as Bornholm is a part of Denmark we came to the right place to enjoy these delicious savory treats, we found our smørrebrød at very first restaurant we visited. The most famous smørrebrød of Gudhjem is one called 'Sol over Gudhjem'  a piece of smoked herring on rye with a raw egg yolk on top, sprinkled with salt, you may also get chopped radishes on the top and this makes it even better and more beautiful. 

Svaneke - our next stop, visited one of the famous smokehouses and had lunch...smørrebrød again this time with smoked herring, eel and prawn. Aww...they are so good.

A visit to the local brewery - Svaneke Brewery
'Worth waiting for'

I found 'my car' outside the Chololate store :-) a cream coloured Porche

I saw a lot of lovely very old houses in beautiful colours. The half-timbered house is very typical of the building style.
to be continued.../ Tyra

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I hate the Low Pressures from Poland

I know that 'hate' is a very strong word...

... but I really do hate the low pressures from Poland. It is not however fair to blame the polish for the bad weather. It is just that it comes from the south east. After a most lovely supper and wonderful evening at Krokö in the archipelago of Gryt (the east coast) We all sat outside enjoying a stunning sunset and watching how the dramatic clouds were building up in the south east…oh no here it comes one of those famous ‘Polish Low Pressures’. They are famous because they are always extremely hard to predict and then when it has arrived it takes days and days until it goes away.

as the foggy, damp and windy weather continues I let the crew stay on deck while I...

...stay down in the galley baking some nice bread.

Pie with Sardine, sweet peppers,
 Feta cheese, tomatoes, chilies and Kalamata olives.