Navigare Necesse Est! Hop on-board – Welcome to the blog Navigare necesse est, a blog about sailing and food & drink on-board. It is about cruising among all the islands of the Baltic sea and the archipelago of Stockholm especially. The archipelago around Stockholm has over 20.000 islands and islets and it is very dear to me and it is among these I have my home harbor. About me: I, Tyra the author of this blog live on a rather small island near the town Vaxholm. I have the Coastal Skipper Certificate and this Coastal Skipper Certificate is the second level of the official Swedish nautical training courses for recreational boat drivers. I love night navigation and has an in-depth knowledge of both day and night navigation, 'close to shore' as well as offshore. The Coastal Skipper Certificate is compulsory for the sailing of boats larger than 12 x 4 meters. Our boat is not that big at all but you never know one day perhaps I really need it. Although I'm sometimes the Captain of the boat and enjoys it I think I am more than willingly to spend a lot of time down in the galley. I just love to cook and bake on-board and I'm lucky I don’t get seasick below deck as many people unfortunately do, the only problem when cooking on-board is when it is leaning too much to one side and if we are going on the wrong tack. View my profile.


The schooner Joanna Saturna

Out on the Baltic Sea one of those days when everything seemed to be in black and white, it was windy and raining cats and dogs, we even had some thunder and lightning. A day when there were hardly any boats out sailing we met this fantastic lady, the schooner Joanna Saturna.
Vädret var inte det bästa den här dagen, regn och rusk till och med blixt och dunder. Humöret var ialla fall på topp. Det är ju rätt kul med en egen skärgård :-) när det regnade som värst så mötte vi denna skönhet, skonaren Joanna Saturna från Finland. Följ länkarna nedan och läs mer, man kan faktiskt ut och segla med henne, låter inte det kul?

Sailing ship Joanna Saturna, originally VL 74, was built in 1903 in Vlaardingen, Holland. The ship represented a small two-mast sailing ship typical type of her time, which was used for fishing in the Northern Sea. In the eyes of the seafarers and salesman she was an ordinary but practical sailing ship with a logger-tackle.
The later history of the ship follows the ordinary pattern for sailing ships: the machinery gets bigger, the rig gets smaller and even the name is changed a few times. Follow the link above and read more of Joanna Saturna’s most fascinating history.

This wonderful schooner was once called Marie but on her 100th birthday 2003 and she got back her original name Joanna Saturna back. Here is some tecnical information about Gaff Schooner Joanna Saturna

Size: 111,55 ft x 19.69 ft
Draught: 9.35 ft
Deplacement: 155 ton
Sail surface: 420 m² / 4.521 sq.ft
Engine: Sisu Diesel 645, DSBIM, 350 HP
Speed: 8 knots
Generators: 50 Kva Valmet, 10 Kva Onan
Voltage on board: 380/220/24/12V
Hydraulic bow thrusters
Main mast: 30 m/ 98,43 ft

You can sail with Joanna Saturna

In addition to it’s over hundred-year-long history, Gaff schooner Joanna Saturna is one of the newest sailing vessels in the Baltic Sea. Summer 2005 was her very first year under sail since 1950’s. She was totally rebuilt during years 2000-2005 to the true moderns classic she is today.
The restoring work was done under the supervision of the Finnish Maritime Museum and Joanna Saturna is registered as a historic class vessel by the Finnish National Board of Antiquities. Now you will be able to sail onboard a traditional sailing ship while enjoying the luxurious comforts of modern time. On board there is a fully equipped kitchen, air-conditioning, central heating, floor heating, water-closets (7 ) and, naturally, a sauna. Find out more about this here “ Sail with us”

Sea U soon/ TYRA


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Land ahoy! Back on solid ground again.

This post, 'Back on solid ground again' was originally uploaded and written by Tyra at the blog Navigare Necesse Est.

Land ahoy! Back on solid ground again…

After several weeks out on the sea, we are now back, back to work and ordinary day to day life. As I go through my photos I find that I have so much I want to share with you. I will show you a lot of lovely places and some ‘FOOD ON BOARD’ tips and ideas. I will have to start with a great day in June and that is the day of the Volvo Ocean Race, IPR at Kanholmsfjärden. Kanholmsfjärden is a large open bay in the middle section of the archipelago of Stockholm. 59.20.33N – 18.47.24E

Puma -About the Team

Vid 22.40 på måndagskvällen gick PUMA i mål i Sandhamn som vinnare av den nionde etappen i Volvo Ocean Race.

Telefonica Blue -About the Team

Bouwe Bekking, Sports and Technical Director and commander of the Blue boat, needs little motivation. Having been skipper of movistar in the last race, the sinking of which has focused the mind this time. Telefonica expects some close racing. Some of the closest could be in-house

13th of August Telefonica Twins returns home to Alicante.

The winner of the whole Race was Ericsson 4 with Skipper Torben Grael a big congratulation for an outstanding achievement.

Official homepage VOLVO OCEAN RACE


21th of June, the big day at 'Kanan'. Thousands of spectators gathered to see the IPR, I wonder how many boats there were? I guess at least several hundreds and they came in all sizes and styles from very small wooden rustic sailing boats (see below) up to huge 'Stealth' boats. Most fascinating to watch them all.

Our skipper of the day Hubbe enjoying every moment of the In-Port Race, he has been following these guys on the net since the start in Alicante November 2008.

This is some of our dear friends in 'Svart Renault' Göran and Eva with their family and friends.

and here we have Nica with a guest Beckie from New Zeeland.

Tyra on the deck

After this very intense day and this happened to be the day after the day before The Midsummer Day I was exhausted consequently on our journey home to port I had a long nice nap on the deck.
On the 25th they left for St Petersburg...

2009-06-25 The Volvo Open 70 boats have left Sandhamn and are battling it out on Leg 10 of the 400 nautical mile stretch to St Petersburg. Puma, Ericsson 4 and Telefonica Blue had a strong start.
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