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Who Can Sail Without the Wind

Who can sail without the wind - A folklore song that I grow up with, a sad and pretty melody.
Some say that it is a German song and others that it is from Åland, I don't know what is true. Perhaps anyone out there knows better.

Who can sail without the wind,

Who can row without an oar,

Who can leave behind a friend,

Without just one tear to pour?

I can sail without the wind,

I can row without an oar,

But I cannot leave a friend,

Without just one tear to pour

The Real Group sings the song in Swedish , this vocal group sings it 'a capella'

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Susan said...

Hello Tyra, I have only recently found your blog. It was a lucky find! and very enjoyable indeed.
Your photographs are beautiful and the commentary is so interesting.
Regards, Susan from Australia

TYRA said...

Hi Susan and welcome on board.