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Bornholm - Denmark

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The cruise from Hanö in Sweden to Bornholm went without any difficulties, it was actually great sailing. The wind was perfect and the sea was not too rough. The sun came out and we all got a great day at sea.

This is the harbor of the little town of Gudhjem our first stop. We stopped the boat in the middle of the sea for a swim and to tidy ourself up. Fresh as lillies we arrived to Gudhjem.

Gudhjem is a very picturesque town on the northeast coast of Bornholm. Well worth a visit!


Denmark is famous for their open sandwiches so called Smørrebrød and as Bornholm is a part of Denmark we came to the right place to enjoy these delicious savory treats, we found our smørrebrød at very first restaurant we visited. The most famous smørrebrød of Gudhjem is one called 'Sol over Gudhjem'  a piece of smoked herring on rye with a raw egg yolk on top, sprinkled with salt, you may also get chopped radishes on the top and this makes it even better and more beautiful. 

Svaneke - our next stop, visited one of the famous smokehouses and had lunch...smørrebrød again this time with smoked herring, eel and prawn. Aww...they are so good.

A visit to the local brewery - Svaneke Brewery
'Worth waiting for'

I found 'my car' outside the Chololate store :-) a cream coloured Porche

I saw a lot of lovely very old houses in beautiful colours. The half-timbered house is very typical of the building style.
to be continued.../ Tyra

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