Navigare Necesse Est! Hop on-board – Welcome to the blog Navigare necesse est, a blog about sailing and food & drink on-board. It is about cruising among all the islands of the Baltic sea and the archipelago of Stockholm especially. The archipelago around Stockholm has over 20.000 islands and islets and it is very dear to me and it is among these I have my home harbor. About me: I, Tyra the author of this blog live on a rather small island near the town Vaxholm. I have the Coastal Skipper Certificate and this Coastal Skipper Certificate is the second level of the official Swedish nautical training courses for recreational boat drivers. I love night navigation and has an in-depth knowledge of both day and night navigation, 'close to shore' as well as offshore. The Coastal Skipper Certificate is compulsory for the sailing of boats larger than 12 x 4 meters. Our boat is not that big at all but you never know one day perhaps I really need it. Although I'm sometimes the Captain of the boat and enjoys it I think I am more than willingly to spend a lot of time down in the galley. I just love to cook and bake on-board and I'm lucky I don’t get seasick below deck as many people unfortunately do, the only problem when cooking on-board is when it is leaning too much to one side and if we are going on the wrong tack. View my profile.


Food on board - MEXICO


En mexikansk inspirerad rätt skapad av Nica här ombord. Starta med att lägga en bädd av tortilla chips på en plåt. Klicka på en välkryddad köttfärssås (gärna lite torr) och riv på ost. Gratinera detta i het ugn.
Dekorera sedan med tomat och chili salsa, hackade färska tomater, jalapeños och gräddfil. Avnjutes med en sval öl, lime och kanske en tequila om man gillar lite starkare grejer.

A Mexican inspired dish created by Nica. Start by adding a bed of tortilla chips on an oven plate. Click on a spicy meat sauce (preferably a little dry) and grated mature cheese. Put it in a hot oven and bake it until the cheese has melted and the chips are crisp.
Decorate with tomato and chilli salsa, chopped fresh tomatoes, jalapeños and sour cream. Enjoy this lovely dish with a cool beer, lime and maybe a shot of tequila if you like a bit stronger stuff.

Talkning about stronger stuff -

Apropå starkare grejer...

Låt mej få presentera ’Banderas’och nu pratar vi inte on Anthonio Banderas utom om banderas som betyder flagga på spanska och den här ”drinken” är inspirerad av den mexikanska flaggans färger* rött, grön och guldgult som finns på pippin i statsvapnet.
Ta och gör en shot av tequila (guldgula färgen), en shot av upphottad tomat ( röda färgen) eller grönsaksjuice (V6, Mr. & Mrs. T) och en shot av färsk pressad lime (gröna färgen). Salt bredvid för den som vill ha det. Häll upp i vackra glas och servera. Skål…Salud!

Let me introduce to you 'Banderas'and now we are not talking about Anthonio Banderas. No this is a “drink” inspired by the colours of the Mexican flag red, green and white with the golden yellow eagle. Banderas meaning flag in Spanish.

Make a shot of tequila, which represents the golden yellow colour, for the red colour a shot of the spicy/hot tomato or vegetable juice (V6, Mr. & Mrs. T) and for the green colour a shot of freshly squeezed lime. Salt on the side if someone likes to have that. Pour into pretty glasses and serve. Salud!

*Den gröna färgen symboliserar deras oberoende, den vita står för den rena religionen och det röda fältet är en symbol för de mexikanska delstaternas enighet. Mitt på flaggan finns det gyllne statsvapnet, som föreställer en örn som sitter på en kaktus och har en orm i näbben.

Skepp o'hoj




vero said...

Oj vad sugen jag blev!!!
Jättefina bilder!

ses imorgon

puss och kram

Bren said...

LOVE YOUR BLOG... we have so much in common. Mexican food is my favorite and I love to share it with friends in my garden. We are constructing a greenhouse this weekend so I find your information useful. Stop by my blog sometime I would love to share my garden with you.