Navigare Necesse Est! Hop on-board – Welcome to the blog Navigare necesse est, a blog about sailing and food & drink on-board. It is about cruising among all the islands of the Baltic sea and the archipelago of Stockholm especially. The archipelago around Stockholm has over 20.000 islands and islets and it is very dear to me and it is among these I have my home harbor. About me: I, Tyra the author of this blog live on a rather small island near the town Vaxholm. I have the Coastal Skipper Certificate and this Coastal Skipper Certificate is the second level of the official Swedish nautical training courses for recreational boat drivers. I love night navigation and has an in-depth knowledge of both day and night navigation, 'close to shore' as well as offshore. The Coastal Skipper Certificate is compulsory for the sailing of boats larger than 12 x 4 meters. Our boat is not that big at all but you never know one day perhaps I really need it. Although I'm sometimes the Captain of the boat and enjoys it I think I am more than willingly to spend a lot of time down in the galley. I just love to cook and bake on-board and I'm lucky I don’t get seasick below deck as many people unfortunately do, the only problem when cooking on-board is when it is leaning too much to one side and if we are going on the wrong tack. View my profile.


Ren luft och vatten - utterly important

En underbar sommardag 2007.

This week theme on 'Photohunt' IMPORTANT, the first thing I thought of was PEACE, LOVE and understanding. But I didn't find any photo.... Läs mer om Tyra's Photohunts

Clean air and water, all environment issues are of the utmost importance.

Här är vi på väg ut till Röders Skärgård, det är tidig morgon och snart stannar vi motorn...och hoppar i vattnet, svalt skönt morgondopp. Photohunt - important

Den här bilden är tagen på väg söderut nästan mitt på Kanholmsfjärden.

Important - clean air and water. Navigare necesse est!

Skepp o'hoj/ TYRA

More hunters......

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